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m o h a m e d

  artist    designer     maker


   اطبع العربية[itbaʻa alʻarabiyya]


// Print & Publication

      -  Experimental Prints
      -  Contemporary Letterpress in Arabic
      -  We Women Free No Matter What
      -  Inner Thoughts
      -  Don’t Care
      -  1001 Fantasy POP Nights
      -  DOH to RIC Postcards
      -  Two Color Handwriting
      -  Nationality Discrimination

// Designed Objects

      -  EN, EM, QUAD 
      -  Arabic Type Blocks
      -  Merged — Pixel Objects
      -  Parametric Patterns
      -  Bithra — Package Design
      -  Fashion merch

// UX, Code & Installations

      -  Luma — Sound Installation
      -  How To Play With a Square? — Animation
      -  Merged — Interactive Installation
      -  Sketchbookers — App Design


      -  -162° Trading Power: W+K Gallery, Tokyo
      -  -162° Trading Power: FireStation, Doha
      -  Design Showcase: The Anderson, Richmond VA.
      -  Patterns of Change: vcuarts Qatar, Doha 
      -  In Transit: Tasmeem 2017, Doha
      -  Home: vcuarts Qatar, Doha 

  -  PressZine : Tasmeem Doha 2019.


A graphic designer, visual artist, and creative maker from Khartoum Sudan based in Doha.
Reham enjoys learning, exploring, and experimenting with new forms and techniques of design, her work varies from flat printed materials, dimensional objects, tactile printmaking, interactive installations, and creative coding.

If you have questions about my work, or you would like us to work on something cool, contact me through email and I’ll get back to you! ;)

︎  ︎  ︎  ︎ // contact@rehammohamed.com  



Is the result of a loving collaboration among the Virginia Commonwealth University's gender, sexuality and women's studies students, vcuarts graphic design letterpress studio students, and the female residents of the Richmond city justice center.

Designed and printed by students of vcuarts Bowe House Press under the creative direction of Prof. Jamie B. Mahone, Heidi Reszies — Reham Ahmed, Reed Gibson, Faheem Khan, Jenny Lee, Liam Schenking, Zoe Simpkins, Joana Vazques Perez.

Letterpress // split fountain // pop up // laser cut
edition of 45
Richmond, VA